Hello everyone!
We now have our group website, with the official domain name WeAreChangeTampa.Org, set-up and under construction!!!

The links provided in the left sidebar are a number of the issues surrounding 9/11 that I feel are quite outstanding & worth discovering upon one’s initial research of the events in whole.  My plans are to provide a portal for local activists to keep up on relevant information; locally, nationally, and internationally. When we are given the opportunity to have a more accessible template we will re-organize the website and information contained on it accordingly. Until then, I was thinking the most effective thing to do would be to provide a vast array of research materials for potential members & concerned citizens alike. When we have the website on our home server we will be provided with more effective tools to incorporate into the website. Until then our schedule will be most efficiently managed on our meet-up page and we will just have our meet-ups posted on the Meet-Up Schedule (link above) page.

Until further notice, keep up the good fight my fellow revolutionaries! The time has come for decent, compassionate, patriotic citizens to stand up and fight the increasingly obvious erosion of our rights as free, sovereign Americans.

We Are Change  is here to lead America towards the  restoration of our Unalienable & Constitutional-Guaranteed  rights by exposing the criminal fraudulence being perpetrated on the American people.